Professional Summary

My name is Macy Martin, I am from a small town called Blackfoot Idaho. I have been interested in the medical field ever since I was a little girl.  The thoughts of doing cool things while helping others was supper appeasing to me.  When I reached high school, I participated in several medical type classes, such as, certified nursing assistant class and first responder. Through out high school I was dead set on becoming a pediatrician.  As I entered college, i quickly came to realize that school was a lot tougher than I expected.  Becoming a nurse had never crossed my mind, and never sparked my interest.  As I was trying to decide on a future career choice that would best suit me, I decided to apply to the nursing program at Brigham Young University – Idaho.  As you can see, I was accepted.

This program has been amazing in more ways than one.  I have grown to love helping others more than I possibly ever thought I could, my knowledge has expended immensely, and I have grown as a person. The nursing program has been the hardest, most rewarded thing I have ever done in my life. Although at times it can be extremely tough, the reward of truly helping someone in need is a reward in itself.  I am grateful I was accepted to the nursing program and to have the opportunity to grow as a future nurse. I am excited to keep growing as a nurse, and becoming better each and every day.