What is Nursing?

This is the post excerpt.

What is Nursing?

Some might say, someone who provides someone with medication, someone who annoys you with taking your vital signs every few hours, or someone with a needle the size of a straw wanting to poke you.

Some might even say a nurse provides them with quality care, helping them through a difficult time, and again, giving them those medications that we all have grown to love.

A nurse to me is someone you can count on in a time of need.  Someone you can turn to when you do not know who else to turn to.  Someone to translate the doctors information. A friend you can count on. And overall, someone who has your best interest at heart.

No matter what your definition may be, nurses will always be there. They will be there to give you medication and annoy you with vital signs, as well as, be a friend and be someone you can turn too.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to grow, learn, and become a nurse.


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